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Meet Claire Reynolds

Family Nurse Practitioner

I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, and earned my nursing degree at Hope College in Holland, MI. I received my Master's degree from Loyola University Chicago and have been at work in Cut Bank since 2014. I have a combined 14+ years as a nurse and nurse practitioner in Intensive Care, Gastroenterology and Primary Care. 

Working in the world of conventional medicine has helped me see both its value and flaws. Conventional medicine is great at saving lives but the way it addresses chronic diseases seems to perpetuate illness rather than restore wellness. From the rushed nature of visits and the focus on treating lab values and symptoms, to the way "standards of care" place people into boxes and treat by diagnoses instead of individual causes of illness, I felt an ever-growing longing for a better way of patient care. I desired to hear each individual patient's story and provide personalized medicine. When I discovered the practice of Functional Medicine (FM), I felt like I found my way home. For more information on what FM is, see the information below. I am currently in the process of certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine and plan to complete the program in 2021-2022. 

On a personal note just so you know a little more about me, I found the love of my life in Cut Bank and we wed in 2017. We got a sweet Weimaraner pup that year and named him Samwise and in May 2020, we had our first child. My husband and I love exploring the mountains. In fact, the day we met, we climbed Mount James in Glacier National Park. Since then, we've climbed dozens of peaks together and plan to take our little boy around the park once we're able.

Passions of mine include my faith in Jesus, reading, cooking colorful and spicy meals, and having meaningful conversations. I love people. I think everyone has something to teach me and I expect to learn from each person to whom I provide care. I look forward to meeting you!


Why Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is personalized medicine and digs deep to discover the root cause of illness. When given the opportunity to investigate deeply, many illnesses can be traced back to intestinal permeability, toxic exposures, stress, nutritional deficiencies, and sedentary lifestyles. By addressing these root causes, many times multiple illnesses resolve, and this often occurs without the use of prescription medication. Find lasting relief from these common issues and more:

Digestion Issues

Irritable Bowel Syndrome,

Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Acid Reflux

Women's Health

Abnormal periods, PCOS, Infertility, Hormone


Poor Energy

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Depression,

Poor Sleep, Brain Fog


Allergies, Asthma, Food Sensitivities


Chronic Headaches, Arthritis, Chronic Abdominal Pain

Weight Loss

Obesity, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance

Skin Issues

Eczema, Psoriasis, 

Chronic Hives, Acne


Anxiety, Depression,

Mood Instability



Complimentary Phone Consult


15-20 minutes

This phone call is an opportunity for you to decide if the functional medicine process is good fit for your health goals. You will have a chance to share what you hope to achieve and I can give you an idea of what the work-up and treatment may entail. Should you choose to move forward, you will schedule an "Initial Visit," which is described below.

Initial Visit


1½-2 hours; In person or via Zoom

Prior to the first visit, you will complete a few questionnaires. During the visit, we will go over your history and do a brief exam (if in person). Together we will decide on next steps - work-up and interventions - that are feasible for you and will get you moving in the right direction. If further testing is completed after this appointment, I can go over your results with you by phone once available.

Follow-Up Visits


½- 1½ hours: In person or via Zoom

Follow-up visits are an opportunity to go over what has changed and decide if further testing and/or interventions are necessary. If it has been over 3 years since you were last seen, it will need to be scheduled as an "Initial Visit," as a lot can change in that amount of time.

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