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Personalized Healthcare Services

Step 1: Complimentary Phone Consult

15-20 minutes

Your first step on the path to wellness! Tell us about your health struggles and what you hope to achieve, and we will suggest some initial tests to help us get to know you and your body better. Afterwards, we will send you some questionnaires to go over your health history.

Step 2: Initial Visit


1½-2 hours; In person or via Zoom

Here’s where we start setting up your personalized health plan. During the visit, we will go over your history and do a brief physical exam (if in person). Together, we will decide on the treatments and changes that work best for you to get you moving in the right direction. If further testing is needed after this appointment, we can go over your results with you by phone.

Step 3+: Personalized Health Visits


½- 1½ hours: In person or via Zoom

Now that you’re on the path to wellness, these visits are used to check-in with your body, make sure that your custom health plan is going well, and make any adjustments as your needs change. We will help you track your progress, modify your treatments, and find other ways that we can help you get healthier.

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