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Meet Claire

Claire Reynolds FNP

I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, and earned my nursing degree at Hope College in Holland, MI. I received my Master's degree from Loyola University Chicago and have been at work in Cut Bank since 2014. I have a combined 17+ years as a nurse and nurse practitioner in Intensive Care, Gastroenterology and Primary Care. 

Working in the world of conventional medicine has helped me see both its value and flaws. Conventional medicine is great at saving lives but the way it addresses chronic diseases seems to perpetuate illness rather than restore wellness. From the rushed nature of visits and the focus on treating lab values and symptoms, to the way "standards of care" place people into boxes and treat by diagnoses instead of individual causes of illness, I felt an ever-growing longing for a better way of patient care. I desired to hear each individual patient's story and provide personalized medicine. When I discovered the practice of Functional Medicine (FM), I felt like I found my way home. For more information on what FM is, see the Why Functional Medicine page. I completed training through the Institute for Functional Medicine(IFM) and officially became an IFM Certified Practitioner in December 2021.

On a personal note just so you know a little more about me, I found the love of my life in Cut Bank and we wed in 2017. We have two sons and are excited to welcome a girl to the family this fall (2024). 

Passions of mine include my faith in Jesus, reading, cooking colorful and spicy meals, and having meaningful conversations. I love people. I think everyone has something to teach me and I expect to learn from each person to whom I provide care. I look forward to meeting you!

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